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Excel Skills Booster

Boost your team's Excel skills

Occasional Excel users  and seasoned Excel pros - everyone find benefit in attending this session

A highly rated 2 hour Excel skills booster session with Excel tips for both casual and experienced spreadsheeter

Sessions conducted by expert trainers

As used by Microsoft Gold Partners

Learn to work quickly in Excel and discover useful tools.

Boost your Excel skills

Pick up what you missed along the way and work faster in your day

Topics covered in this session include:​​

  • Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar tips

  • Navigating around Excel quickly

  • Selecting, Entering and Editing Data quickly

  • Moving and Copying Data tips

  • AutoFill tips

  • Flash Fill tips

  • Essential Calculation and Function Basics

  • Chart creation tips

  • Introduction to Analysing your Data and Creating PivotTables

Combine this Word Skills Booster with our other highly rated Skills Booster sessions and launch your digital skills further

Excel Skills Booster


Need your teams to work remotely

For computer training sessions that will teach them to:

  • Meet and collaborate using Teams
  • Share and manage files in SharePoint, OneDrive or Teams
  • Assign and complete tasks in Planner and To Do
  • Use the devices issued to them and more
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