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New iPhone Update - iOS 13.something.something

UPDATED - 16 October 2019 - iOS 13.1.3 is now available


We still recommend you consider waiting until at least the end of October before you update to iOS 13.

Continue reading below for more info and important Must Know tips about iOS 13 every iPhone owner should know before and when they update. Help others by sharing this page.

UPDATED - 1 October 2019 - iOS 13.1.2 is now available

Ok, this is crazy! Another update.

Crazy for two reasons.

1 - That there have been so many bugs in these releases.

2 - That Apple have been quick to try and fix them with all these updates in just a few weeks.


This update is meant to fix issues with iCloud Backup, the Camera, the Flashlight, Bluetooth, the Display and Shortcuts with your HomePod speaker. 

If you had updated before, and were having issues with any of those things, then you might want to try this update to hopefully fix them.

If you have not updated to iOS 13 yet, then seriously consider waiting until at least end of October.

You can check what version of iOS you have by going to Settings > About and checking Software Versions

It is still worth reading the rest of this article, because it contain important information about iOS 13 for when you do eventually update. Take note of the Bluetooth bit!

And yes, you do really want to update - because  updates often also contain security fixes that you must install. We often hear people say they don't want to update because everything is working fine.

Well, yes - things might be working fine for you - but hackers and other naughty nefarious folk are constantly trying to break into our devices, and that's why device and software makers issues updates to try and stop them.

So update - but maybe not until the end of October though.

Oh - there have also been additional updates for your iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

If you had updated those in the last week or two and are having issues, consider installing the updates to try and resolve those. If you hadn't updated recently - again - wait - until at least end of October.


If you are still reading - here's a tip for your efforts:

Next time you're typing something on your iPhone's keyboard, try touching and holding your finger down on the spacebar, then while still holding your finger down - when the keyboard keys seem to disappear - move your finger back and forth on the spacebar - or even up and down over the vanished keys.

Watch what happens to the insertion point/cursor where you were typing as you do it.

UPDATED - 28 September 2019 - iOS 13.1.1 is now available

These updates are coming quick and fast!

As a result - you should now wait at least a month until you decide to update. Apple will hopefully catch all the bugs and have things settled by then. 🤞

If you have updated already - don't worry.

This update is meant to fix a few things including batteries draining too fast for some people, who may have been experiencing that after install the previous iOS 13 update(s).

It's good that Apple is fixing these issues fast, but again - you should now be waiting until end of October to before looking to update from iOS 12 to iOS 13 if you haven't done so already.

If you have already updated to iOS 13 and everything seems fine to you - maybe wait a week or two before updating to this new iOS 3.1.1 update. Or if you can afford the wait - maybe wait until end of October before considering it.

UPDATED 24 September 2019:  iOS 13.1 is now available for install.


I'd still wait a day or two before updating your phone.

Continue reading the earlier post below...



iOS 13


Released - Friday 20 September 2019


1.) Should I install it?:


Not yet. Don’t worry if you already have.

On Tuesday 24 September 2019 US time - iOS 13.1 will be released. (25th September NZ time.)

iOS 13.1 meant to be more stable than 13 and have additional features.

Wait for that one. But don't rush to install one the first day.

Check back 2 days later for an update here. Bookmark this page or just go to knowitinc.com/iphone to return.


2.) What’s new in the update?:


Lots of new and useful things. Well over 200 new things in fact!

Don’t worry - you’ll still be able to use your phone as normal.

And yes – at some stage you should consider updating – because there are new security focused things you will be wanting and need.

Remember – updates aren’t just about new things – they are also about security – and we all need to be secure.


3.) What new things must I know?:



When you open some apps and see a message about Bluetooth like this:

Always pick "Don’t Allow"!


Some apps have been very naughty and tracking you using Bluetooth without you knowing. (Hello Facebook!)

Apple is trying to put a stop to this and they’ll now be letting you know which apps are using Bluetooth - even the naughty ones that have been using Bluetooth even without you having previously given them Bluetooth access. Very naughty! You’ll be surprised!

Don’t give them access.

Not even your music app.

Yes – not even your music app - it doesn’t need access to Bluetooth in that way.

It will still work if you turn Bluetooth on the way you always have before.

I’d deny access to every app.

Then if you notice a particular app not working as usual - you can just pop into Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth and turn it on for that particular app.


Speaking of Privacy and being tracked. iPhone is cracking down on apps that track your location in the background. You will see a map showing you where they have been tracking you. You will be given options: Always allow it for that app or only allow it while you are using the app.

Your choice.


4.) What’s cool to know?


Touch and hold just about everywhere and you’ll discover lots of new and quick ways of doing things. Touch and hold app icons everywhere you see them.

Touch and hold just about everywhere! Even on messages in your text message list.

Have fun!


You can now select text by just touching the first word and holding for a millisecond, then just drag to the last word. No more double tapping a word and struggling to drag the selection handles over the words you want to select. Just touch – hold a bit – drag.


You can type text by just swiping in the keyboard over each letter for the words you want to type. Lift your finger between words. You can also just type the old way. Try the new way – you’ll get faster than before. And you can tell your android friends you can do it too now.


You can now sign into websites and apps using a new “Sign in with Apple” feature. (Kind of like how you can use Sign in with Google or Sign in with Facebook buttons in some sites - don’t do that unless you like being tracked by the way.)

Sign In with Apple is designed so you don’t get tracked. It gives the website a made-up email address, so it doesn’t know it’s you. (Bye bye all that spam you get when you sign in on websites and apps!)

Use it! Wall Street Journal have a great explainer video. Everyone should watch it.

Even none Apple users.



5.) What about calls from Unknown numbers...?


You can now send them straight to voicemail - your phone won’t even ring!

You’ll see the call listed in Recent Calls.

If you want this - go to Settings > Phone and turn on “Silence Unknown Callers”.

They can always leave a voice message.

I wouldn’t recommend this though if you’re a business or someone who needs to get regular calls from people not saved into your contact list.

Otherwise - bye bye caller from some other country at 2 am! 💃🕺👍


Extra Tip:

While you’re in those Phone settings - you’ll see an old setting still there called “Announce Calls”.

I have mine set to Always.

When my phone rings, it also speaks the name of whoever is calling me.

Really handy if my phone is across the room or if I’m driving. Or busy, but happy to take a call from a particular person.

Not for everyone - but try it out - you can always turn it off if it doesn’t suit you.

6.) I'm a Parent or Guardian...


Ok - you need to know this update includes Apple Arcade. A new subscription service for games. Costs US$4.99 a month and works on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. First month is free. You'll look cool if you tell your kid(s) they can use their Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller with it - on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. 

The kids (and some adults) might be sending a lot of time on Apple Arcade for the next month. After that - they might be sending US$4.99 a month - or asking you to.

Macworld have a nice detailed explainer on Apple Arcade if you want to know more.


7.) One last thing:


Dark Mode. It's designed to be easier on your eyes. It's an option with this update. Try it out. You can change back to Light Mode in Settings > Display and Brightness


There’s lots more about iOS 13 - but those are the Must Knows for now to get you started discovering more on your own.

(Yes - create your Memoji - it’s fun. We all need fun.)

If you have 46 minutes to spare and want to know the majority of what's new or changed in iOS 13, 9to5 Mac have a video for you with 200+ NEW iOS 13 features / changes for iPhone! 

Update - 24 September 2019

NEW iPad Update


iPadOS 13.1

Apple have also released an update for iPads called iPadOS.

It brings an updated look to your Home Screen, Apple Arcade (you can use Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers with your iPad too now), new multitasking gestures, Dark Mode, the ability to plug in and use USB Sticks, updated Reminders and Files app, awesome new things you can now do with your photos and videos (also available on iPhone - way more effects and tweaks you can apply to both photos and videos including rotating videos) and more.

You can see more about iPad OS here. You'll also be able to see which iPads support the new update.

Pay particular attention to the bits about Slide Over and Split view and Text Editing.

NEW Apple TV Update

tvOS 13.1

There's also a new update for Apple TV.

It includes Apple Arcade - yes, you can use those games controllers on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV now!

Multi-user support has arrived. You can now finally have multiple people use one Apple TV with each person able to have their own separate profile with their own apps etc. Peace at last. Peace at last.

The new underwater screensaver videos made in partnership with the team involved in making BBC's Planet Earth series are a nice touch.

You can get the update on your Apple TV by going to System > Software Update > Update Software

You can see more about Apple TV's new update here.

It's available for Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K.

You can find out which model you have here.


Not new - but really handy. You can use your fancy Apple Wireless headphones with your Apple TV.

Other Bluetooth headphones work too - go here for a guide on how to connect them.

Look after your ears and also watch the little ones don't have the volume too high.

NEW Apple Watch Update


watchOS 6

These are meant to be quick short Must Know tips, so if you want to also know about the update for Apple Watch, just pop over here.



Pop back here at knowitinc.com/iphone for more Must Knows or keep scrolling down for quick links to the official Apple iPhone User Guides and more. We are working the iPad and other device pages - so check back for those.

And remember you can request a knowitinc trainer for you or your team. We travel New Zealand and worldwide if requested.

Enjoy those updates! But wait a day or two to install them if you can. Just in case there any major issues with them.

This page will updated if any major issues come to light.

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