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iPhone Tips

Always read the messages on your phone:


Some apps may be tracking the location of your iPhone or iPad.
Apple has said they are attempting to stop this happening without your permission.

But for this to work - you have to play your part and read your screen before you tap OK or ALLOW on anything.

When you open some apps you will see a message that looks similar to the one in the image below.

Pause, read your screen and proceed carefully.


In the image above, an app is asking to use Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is one of the ways that some naughty app developers have been surreptitiously tracking the location of your device (and you if you have your device with you) and some have been said to then sell that information to others.

How iPhone helps to prevent this

As a way to try to stop this - and protect your privacy - your iPhone will now alert you when an app is requesting to use things like Bluetooth, or even your location. It only alerts you once though - the first time you open that app.


Always pick "Don’t Allow"



Some apps have been very naughty and tracking you using Bluetooth without you knowing. (Hello Facebook!)

Apple is trying to put a stop to this and they’ll now be letting you know which apps are using Bluetooth - even the naughty ones that have been using Bluetooth even without you having previously given them Bluetooth access. Very naughty! You’ll be surprised!

Don’t give them access.

Not even your music app.

Yes – not even your music app - it doesn’t need access to Bluetooth in that way.

It will still work if you turn Bluetooth on the way you always have before.

It might be wise to deny access to every app.

Then if you notice a particular app not working as you would like or expect it to - you can just pop into Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth on for that particular app only.


More on Privacy and being tracked

iPhone is cracking down on apps that track your location in the background too. You will see a similar pop up or notification on your screen that shows a map showing you where they have been tracking you.

You will also be given options: Always allow it for that app or Only allow it while you are using the app.

Your choice. Pause, read, choose wisely.

Your phone will also now let you know if an app wants to track you across websites and apps (supposedly for advertising purposes). Read your screen and think carefully about your choices before you select what option you'd like.

Your privacy is yours to protect

But you have to take the time to simply pause and read your screen before you allow others to take advantage of your data and privacy. 

Other useful iPhone Tips


Seriousness aside. Lets' learn some cool things you can do with your iPhone if you are still here reading.


Touch and Hold Magic

Touch and hold just about everywhere and you’ll discover lots of new and quick ways of doing things. Touch and hold app icons everywhere you see them.

Touch and hold just about everywhere! Even on messages in your text message list.

Have fun!


Select text quickly

You can now select text by just touching the first word and holding for a millisecond, then just drag to the last word. No more double tapping a word and struggling to drag the selection handles over the words you want to select. Just touch – hold a bit – drag.


Type text quicker

You can type text by just swiping on the keyboard over each letter for the words you want to type.

Lift your finger between words. You can also just type the old way. Try the new way – you’ll get faster than before. And you can tell your android friends you can do it too now.


Sign in with Apple - use less passwords and protect your privacy!

You can now sign into websites and apps using a new “Sign in with Apple” feature. (Kind of like how you can use Sign in with Google or Sign in with Facebook buttons in some sites - don’t do that unless you like being tracked by the way.)

Sign In with Apple is designed so you don’t get tracked. It gives the website a made-up email address, so it doesn’t know it’s you. (Bye bye to all that spam you get when you sign in on websites and apps!)

Use it! Wall Street Journal have a great explainer video. Everyone should watch it.

Even none Apple users. So watch the video and share it with others!



Silence calls from Unknown numbers

You can now send them straight to voicemail - your phone won’t even ring!

You’ll see the call listed in Recent Calls.

If you want this - go to Settings > Phone and turn on “Silence Unknown Callers”.

They can always leave a voice message.

I wouldn’t recommend this though if you’re a business or someone who needs to get regular calls from people not saved into your contact list.

Otherwise - bye bye caller from some other country at 2 am! 💃🕺👍


Bonus Tip

While you’re in those Phone settings - you’ll see an old setting still there called “Announce Calls”.

I have mine set to Always.

When my phone rings, it also speaks the name of whoever is calling me.

Really handy if my phone is across the room or if I’m driving. Or busy, but happy to take a call from a particular person.

Not for everyone - but try it out - you can always turn it off if it doesn’t suit you.

Useful iPhone info for Parents and Guardians:


Apple Arcade

Ok - you need to know about Apple Arcade. A new subscription service from Apple for games.

It costs US$4.99 a month and works on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

You can use some Xbox or PlayStation controllers with Apple Arcade - on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. 

The kids (and some adults) might be spending a lot of time on Apple Arcade. They might also be spending US$4.99 a month - or asking you to.

Macworld have a nice, detailed explainer on Apple Arcade if you want to know more.

🔐 Family Sharing - Protect your family and save money

You also need to know about a feature called Family Sharing. It allows you to take control of what your child is allowed to do on their iPhone and iPad. It's a brilliant safety and privacy protection feature.

And it could save you and them lots of money! 

Approve what apps they get, set time limits on their device use and more!

We implore you to go and learn more about Family Sharing today!

One last thing:

Dark Mode. It's designed to be easier on your eyes. It's an option with this update. Try it out. You can change back to Light Mode in Settings > Display and Brightness


There’s lots more about iPhone and you can find links to the official iPhone User Guides below.

This video from 9to5 Mac is a good watch for 200+ iPhone features / changes! 

Apple TV Tip

You can use bluetooth headphones including Apple AirPods with your Apple TV.

Go here for a guide on how to connect them.

Look after your ears and also watch the little ones don't have the volume too high.

You can set a limit on the maximum volume on iPhones in the Setting. Always do this for your child's iPhone or iPad to protect their hearing. Find out how to do this in the iPhone User Guide for your phone below.

Remember you can also request a knowitinc trainer to come and show you and your team how to use their iPhones, iPads and other devices and software.

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