We are New Zealand based expert IT trainers who want to make it super easy for you to get to know
information technology/computers/software/devices
and help you to find the right trainers and resources to do so.

We are updating our site from being our marketing tool
to a tool that we hope will help you to get to know IT better.

We have always been for the everyday IT user, so don't worry, it won't be a technical site.

We want to make it so everyone can understand, learn and know.

In the meantime we've had lots of requests from people wanting to know more
about the new iPhone update - iOS 13 and more about Microsoft Teams - our most requested on-site training session at the moment.


So we thought we'd better publish our iPhone and Teams pages now.

The iPhone page is to help people
with what they must know about the new iOS 13 update.

The Teams page includes super useful links to help people better understand Microsoft Teams.


Scroll down for a preview of the new site we are working on,
for now you can use the to /iPhone or /Teams topic links.

The rest of the site will be updated over time as we work on each topic.

To visit the iPhone page again - just go to knowitinc.com/iphone

To visit the Teams page again - just go to knowitinc.com/teams

As we work on the rest of the site, you can also continue to contact us and request an expert on-site IT trainer to come to your team.


(What we are working on)

Scroll down to see the topics we will be adding.

You can go to the iPhone topic for important information about the new iPhone iOS 13 Update or the Teams topics for useful links and info about Microsoft Teams.

Keep scrolling to also see the training we offer at your place and to book a trainer today.









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