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About knowitinc

knowitinc is the brainchild of Derek F Bradshaw. Founded to enable excellent and affordable group computer training for teams far and wide.

As an expert and highly rated trainer, Derek is a sought after by a roster of international clients to boost the skills of their executives and teams, via his effective and engaging Live Online or On-Site At Your Place software and device training sessions.

With three decades of experience, he has trained tens of thousands of people around the world to make better use of their software and devices. Industry leading and award winning training providers around the world including Auldhouse, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers and PD Training have engaged his services to both train their clients and train there trainers to deliver world class IT User training.

His mission as Founding Director and Lead Trainer at knowitinc, is to help you source the best IT trainers to come to your location - or train live online - so you and your team can really get to know your software and devices.


Find out more about Derek and his work via the bio link below or connect with him on LinkedIn:

Derek F Bradshaw.png

Want to tip Derek?

We have received lots of requests to tip Derek after one of his sessions.

We are pleased to announce that you can certainly do so now at Derek's new Ko-fi page.

Ko-fi is a quick and cool way to show love for something someone does. They take no fees, so rest assured that your tip will get to the person you intended.

Shout Derek a coffee or more on Ko-fi now.
He'd love it!

(Even though he doesn't actually drink coffee, we are sure he will put it to good use.)

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