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I'm Derek

Derek F Bradshaw from knowitinc

For over three decades, I've been on an incredible journey of helping people find joy and productivity through technology.
My adventure has taken me across four continents and allowed me to gather insights, expertise, and experiences that have shaped my mission.


My true passion is making lives better through effective learning and designing user-centered products and services in and out of the technology space. My career has been diverse, from training government workforces and fine-tuning products to coaching senior officials and introducing kids and seniors to the wonders of technology.


One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is collaborating with charities and non-profits. Together, we aim to empower these organisations to make a genuine difference in the communities they serve.


Right now, I'm focused on the Pacific continent of Oceania, where I'm using my Microsoft certified skills and vast training experience to provide Microsoft-related training to boost productivity. By partnering with Microsoft Solution and Learning Partners, local authorities, and companies, I'm helping users and champions make the most out of their technological tools. My expertise extends to software training including custom systems and from Microsoft, Apple, Google, and even the no-code solution AirTable, device training, and creating champions, trainers and helpful support staff.


All of this happens through my company, knowitinc, out of Melbourne Australia and Wellington New Zealand. Working with amazing people, great causes, and inspiring places has been an absolute joy.


I'm always excited about new opportunities to share my knowledge, regardless of the project's size. So, whether you're seeking guidance, a training partner, or simply curious about how technology can transform your life or organisation, I'm here and ready to help. Let's embark on a journey of learning, growth, and positive change together. Connect with me and let's explore the possibilities at knowitinc!


Let's empower users and enrich experiences by working together to create unhindered users, confident champions, trusted trainers, helpful supporter, preferred products and pleased people.


Warm regards,

Derek F Bradshaw


Contact me, or scroll to find out more about my current focus in Oceania.

Microsoft 365 Training

With a trainer qualified as a Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor and Microsoft Certified Trainer


Whether you need to conduct Teams training for your whole team, give all of your staff an overview of Microsoft 365 and the apps included, or boost people's  skills in Excel, Word, Windows, and more. 


Create Champions and Trainers

Champion & Trainer
Workshops, Coaching and Training

With an expert who has created strong effective training and support teams for Microsoft 365 rollouts and change



Whether you need individuals or teams of all sizes to become patient, caring and trusted champions, support staff or trainers.


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Our partnership brings discounted IT User training to all local authorities in Aotearoa New Zealand  

  • City Councils

  • District Councils

  • Regional Councils

  • Emergency Management

  • All of Local Government

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Let's create happy users, confident champions and trusted trainer

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What clients have said on LinkedIn


Portfolio & Project Specialist

I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent training session Derek conducted recently. I found the session to be incredibly well-organized, with a wealth of valuable content that was clearly presented and easy to follow.

His positive and enthusiastic approach to teaching really made the class a joy to attend, and I learned a great deal from his expertise and experience. I particularly appreciated the effort him made to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, which made it easy to engage with the material and ask questions.

Overall, Derek delivered such a high-quality training session. It was an absolute pleasure to participate in, and I would highly recommend his classes to anyone who is looking to learn and grow in their professional development.


Graeme Robertson

IT Project Manager

Derek is an exceptional training consultant. He has worked on a number of our projects with offshore clients, providing specialised training services in often-times very challenging conditions. He has produced customised training modules, class-room based, video-based and train-the-trainer sessions for us. Derek has a way of putting trainees at their ease and leading them patiently and professionally towards their training goals. He is constantly looking at new technologies and ways of transferring skills to others. I highly recommend him.


Jason Simons

CIO I CTO | CISO | Strategic Consultant

Derek is the best. Always will use Derek for introducing change and training. editing.


Kimberley Moody

Communications Manager

Thanks Derek! It was great having you with us for the week.

Your professionalism, flexibility, and positivity go a long way towards making lear

Thanks Derek! It was great having you with us for the week.

Your professionalism, flexibility, and positivity go a long way towards making learning new systems fun. Look forward to seeing you again

ning new systems fun. Look forward to seeing you again.


Sharron Thurston

Senior Tax Reform Consultant

I would highly recommend Derek as a trainer. I worked closely with him in Swaziland where he provided IT training to the Swaziland Revenue Authority. He is always cool under pressure and professional in the most challenging of circumstances. He quickly builds rapport with this trainees and conveys complex and new ideas in a simple and clear manner.
If given a task you always know that Derek will deliver. I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with him again.


Claire Barlow

Community Development Manager

Having completed a basic two-hour session on Teams with Derek yesterday, I can recommend him as an excellent trainer.

The content was helpful, relevant and interesting and Derek's informal yet articulate approach to delivering the material was very easy to engage with.

He allowed numerous opportunities to ask questions of clarification and tackled every question easily.

Derek 'knows his stuff' and his obvious passion and helpfulness make him a natural in this space.

Thank you for making the learning so enjoyable - retention is so much better when you don't feel like you are being 'talked at'.

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