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Microsoft Excel Training

Learn to Excel like a pro

With sessions for beginners to advanced Excel users

Learn the essential foundations, catch up on what you've missed, or boost your skills to advanced

Excel Training sessions delivered by a certified Microsoft Excel Master Instructor

MicrosoftGold Partners also use our trainer to train their clients

From Essential to Advanced

Expert Excel Training

Spreadsheet Skills for the Modern Digital Workplace

 Great sessions with multiple levels for anyone

  • new to Excel

  • wanting to catch-up on important basics missed along the way

  • wanting to keep current in the modern digital workplace

Hands on sessions at your place or Online

  • Boost your core skills

  • Brush up on Calculation basics and tricks

  • Get up to speed with formatting tips

  • Understand PivotTables, VLookup and XLookup

  • Clean up and fix up your data quicker

  • Master Managing Lists in Excel

  • Learn to analyse your information/data

  • Make information beautiful with Charts and Dashboards

See all Excel Session Outlines

All sessions can be customised to suit your desired outcome

Microsoft Excel - Level 1

This session will provide you with the essential skills to get started with Excel.

You will learn to handle text and data entry, format, print and use entry level or basic formulas to perform calculations.

Recommended Duration

Approx. 1 Day (6 Hours)


$400 +GST per attendee





Getting started with Excel

-   Tour the screen

-   Navigate in Excel  

-   Select Data  

-   Enter Data  

-   Working with Cells, Columns and Rows

-   AutoFill

-   Find and Replace

-   Spell Check

-   Save a Workbook  

-   Use Excel Help


Performing Calculations

-   Create Basic Calculations and Formulas

-   Understand BODMAS or PEDMAS

-   Use Basic Functions

       Sum  Average  Max  Min  Count

-   Use AutoSum, AutoAverage, AutoMax, AutoMin

-   Calculate with Functions

-   Copy  and Fill Formulas and Functions

-   Create an Absolute Reference (F4)


Formatting a worksheet

-   Change Font Size and Type

-   Add Borders and Colour to Cells

-   Change Column Width and Row Height

-   Merge Cells together

-   Apply Number Formats ($, %, Date, etc)


Developing a workbook

-   Format Worksheet Tabs

-   Reposition Worksheets in a Workbook

-   Insert and Delete Worksheets

-   Copy and Paste Worksheets

-   Copy a Workbook


Printing workbook contents

-   Select what you want to print

-   File > Print

-   Select your print options

      (Print selection only?)

-   Create a Headers and a Footers

-   Set Page Margins

-   Change Page Orientation

-   Print


Customising layout

-   Split a Worksheet

-   Arrange Worksheets

-   Freeze and Unfreeze Rows and Columns

-   Hide and Unhide Worksheets



Notes, Comments, Conditional Formatting, Intro to Charts (F11), Sparklines


Speak to us about customising this session for your team

Microsoft Excel - Level 2

In this course you will learn to sort and filter data, use calculations and formulas, create charts, and use and create templates.

Recommended Duration

Approx. 1 Day (6 Hours)


$400 +GST per attendee




Work with lists of data

This lesson shows the best-practice methods to create, manage and work with data contained within lists.

-   Create Lists

-   Sort Data in Lists

-   Filter Data in Lists

-   Add Data Validation Criteria

-   Apply Conditional Formatting

-   Create Sparklines

-   Add Subtotals to Data in Lists


Understand how to perform calculations with more advanced formulas

This lesson helps you to create more advanced formulas and calculations with ease.

-   Create and Apply a Name for a Range of Cells

-   Calculate Across Worksheets

-   Calculate with Logical Functions (IF Statements)

-   Calculate with Financial Functions

-   Calculate with Lookup Functions (VLookup , HLookup, XLookup)


Creating and modifying charts

This lesson covers the creation of charts or graphs from your spreadsheet data.

-   Create a Chart

-   Format Chart Items

-   Change the Chart Type


Creating and using templates

This lesson covers the creation and use of your own Templates to speed the creation of spreadsheets that have a common structure.

-   Create and use a Custom Template

-   Add Comments into your spreadsheets

-   Create Hyperlinks


Sharing and collaboration

This lesson demonstrates how to share spreadsheets and work together on spreadsheets stored in OneDrive or SharePoint at the same time.

-   Sharing Spreadsheets

-   Realtime Collaboration with others



-   Goal Seek

-   Hyperlinks

-   Removing Duplicates

-   Creating Custom Views


Speak to us about customising this session for your team

Microsoft Excel - Level 3

In this course you learn how to: Audit and analyse formulas in a spreadsheet to better understand them. Protect and share Excel files so more than one person can work on them at the same time. Create PivotTables and PivotCharts to better analyse data contained in long lists. Share Excel data with other applications.

Recommended Duration

Approx. 1 Day (6 Hours)


$400 +GST per attendee




Auditing worksheets

This lesson shows you quick ways to determine where your formulas derive their data from and what other formulas your figures might impact. Learn to use The Watch Window to track various formulas within your workbook as you change data.

-   Trace Cell Precedents

-   Trace Cell Dependents

-   Locate Errors in Formulas

-   Watch and Evaluate Formulas

-   Group and Outline Data


Collaborating with others

This lesson covers how to protect access to your spreadsheets and data with passwords. Learn to share your

workbook so others can work on it at the same time.

-   Protect Files, Worksheets and Workbooks

-   Share and co-author a Workbook


Analysing Data

This lesson helps analyse your data using Excel's built in tools.

-   Create Scenarios

-   Use Goal Seek and The Solver

-   Develop a PivotTable or PivotChart Report

-   Install and use The Analysis ToolPak


Working with multiple workbooks

This lesson demonstrates ways to consolidate data across multiple workbooks and how to create and manage links across workbooks.

-   Consolidate Data from multiple sources

-   Link Cells in Different Workbooks

-   Edit Links


Import and Export Excel options

This learn explains how to import and export Excel data to and from other programs and how to tweak Excel’s options.

-   Export to Microsoft Word

-   Import a Word Table

-   Import Text Files

-   Create Custom Toolbars and Buttons

-   Update a Workbook's Properties

-   Modify Excel's Default Settings



-   Copy Data and Charts to Word or PowerPoint

-   Link Data and Charts to Word and PowerPoint

-   Create Workbook Templates



Speak to us about customising this session for your team

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