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Skills Booster Training Sessions

The Windows, Word and Excel Productivity Skills Booster training sessions your whole team deserves

Highly rated Skills Booster sessions to help your team be more productive, work faster and discover more tools

Boost your team's digital workplace skills

Three separate 2 hour sessions designed by a Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist and Master Instructor

Windows Skills Booster Training

Tips for all Windows users in your team regardless of their current skill level


Windows 10 or Windows 11

Duration: 2 Hours


  • Hidden Secrets on your screen

  • Use the Start Button

  • Use the Taskbar

  • Use Jump Lists

  • Find Files, Settings and Apps

  • Use File Explorer

  • Use Action Center

  • Airplane Mode and Wifi

  • Night Light

  • Sign Out/Log off, Switch User

  • Sleep, Restart, Shut Down

  • Multitasking

  • Use Task View

  • Snap and Manipulate Windows​

Word Skills Booster Training

An essential session for everyone using Word regardless of their current skill level - including Experts

Any version of Word, including Word in Microsoft 365

Duration: 2 Hours


  • Tour the screen

  • Ribbon & Quick Access Toolbar Tips

  • How to create a new line

  • How to create a new paragraph

  • Crucial difference between Lines & Paragraphs

  • Bullets and Numbering

  • Multi-Level Numbering

  • Introduction to Styles

  • Using the Navigation Pane

  • Creating a Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Templates

Excel Skills Booster Training

Foundational skills even experienced spreadsheeters need

Any version of Excel, including Excel in Microsoft 365

Duration: 2 Hours


  • Hidden secrets on your screen

  • Ribbon & Quick Access Toolbar Tips

  • Moving around in Excel

  • Selecting, Entering and Editing Data

  • Moving and Copying Data

  • Spell Check

  • Using AutoFill

  • Using Flash Fill

  • Performing Basic Calculations

  • Using Basic Functions

  • Filling calculations and functions

  • Introduction to PivotTables

Skills Booster Cost

- Per Attendee per Skills Booster -

Only $150 +GST

Or better yet,
Book a day of all 3 Skills Boosters

for your team


The  productivity  super boost  your whole team needs today!

All 3 Skills Boosters
in a supercharged fun day of learning

Super Skills Booster


Duration: 6 Hours


Windows, Word and Excel Skills Boosters rolled into a captivating day of learning

Give your team the productivity super boost they deserve

They will love it - and you will score points for booking it

They win - You win

Super Skills Booster Cost

- Per Attendee per Super Skills Booster -

Only $400 +GST

Please note Super Skills Boosters are only currently available for day long group bookings.

Even experienced users rave about these Skills Boosters

Discover the things you were never told about.

We have had attendees cry after realising all the time they've wasted without the knowledge gained on our Skills Booster sessions. Perhaps bring tissues. Book your session soon!

What others have said 


Your team deserves it.
And you will look great booking it for them.

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