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Increase adoption and productivity with effective training

Essential sessions for any workplace with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Overview Sessions

An essential session to arrange for your whole team!

Essential to
  • Let your team know what is included in Microsoft 365

  • Demo sessions for your team

  • Let your team know what all the apps are for

  • Enable them to discover which ones could be useful to them

Ask us about tailoring this session for your intended outcomes


Microsoft 365 Overview Sessions

  • Microsoft 365 training sessions to help your teams know what they are getting or already have

  • Giving your teams an overview of what Microsoft 365 is: 
    Including high level explanations and demos of Microsoft Loop, Teams, Planner, SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Power Automate, Power Apps, Forms, Power BI, To Do, and more


  • Sessions that can be conducted Remote Online via live sessions or On-Site at your place

  • Demos and hands-on sessions for users, champions, trainers support staff and executives

  • Sessions that can be tailored for your intended outcomes

Do not make the mistake of not conducting this session for your team 

Most clients follow this session up with more in-depth training on Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint File Management, Power BI, Planner and other apps like Excel, Word, Outlook and more as required.

This Microsoft 365 Overview training session will help your teams discovery which apps they need more in-depth training on.

On-site at your place or remotely live online


To help you really get to really know your IT

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